Tinnitus Awareness Week!


Tinnitus Awareness Week!

This week is tinnitus week (7th – 13th February), a week dedicated to raising awareness of the condition and support available.

Tinnitus is the name for hearing noises that are not caused by sounds coming from the outside world. It’s common and not usually a sign of anything serious. It might get better by itself and there are treatments that can help.

Check if you have tinnitus

Tinnitus can sound like:

  • ringing
  • buzzing
  • whooshing
  • humming
  • hissing
  • throbbing
  • music or singing

You may hear these sounds in 1 or both ears, or in your head. They may come and go, or you might hear them all the time.

If you have this regularly or constantly, it’s getting worse, it is bothering you for example affecting your sleep, book an appointment at your GP Practice.

For more information visit nhs.uk

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