Minor Injuries Unit

If you’ve hurt yourself, had a fall, burnt yourself or are suffering from another non-life-threatening issue, the Minor Injury Unit is a fast and effective way of getting treated without the long wait in A&E.
You can go to a minor injury unit for the following treatments:
🐕 Bites, human and animal
🩸 Cuts and lacerations
👀 Foreign bodies in the eyes, nose and ears
🧑‍⚕️ Fractures that require plaster only (Ages 5 years and above)
🔥 Minor burns and scalds
🤕 Minor head injuries (with no loss of consciousness)
🦵 Soft tissue injuries, for example sprains and bruises
🦠 Wound infections
Your local Minor Injury Units (MIUs) are staffed by experienced nurses that will be on hand to assess you and treat you as quickly as possible.
This is a self-referral walk-in service for people of any age, however they are not open 24 hours.
However, your GP or other healthcare professional may refer you to an MIU. Likewise – if your condition cannot be dealt with at an MIU, they will refer you to your GP, the nearest A&E or another appropriate service.