National Epilepsy Week

National Epilepsy Week 22nd – 28th May will be taking place to raise awareness for those affected by epilepsy, what epilepsy is, who’s affected and what can be done to help those who suffer from this condition.
Key Facts
•Epilepsy is a condition that affects the brain, causing repeated seizures
•Anyone can have a one-off seizure, but it doesn’t always mean they have epilepsy
•People are usually only diagnosed with epilepsy if their doctor thinks there’s a high chance they could have more seizures
•Epilepsy can start at any age and there are many diverse types.
•Some types last for a limited time, but for many people, epilepsy can be a life-long condition
If you see someone having a seizure or fit, there are some simple things you can do to help.
This advice applies to adults only.
Please visit these sites for more information: