What is the role of a doctors receptionist?

Receptionists, or Care Navigators, can have a range of “day jobs.”
In our clinic they are receptionists and admin team members – and their role is to actively listen; to signpost people to sources of help and support, and to guide people to play an active role in managing their own health.
They have been given specialist training to assist and direct patients to the appropriate service or healthcare professionals in a respectful, efficient, and helpful way.
This is not to avoid a GP appointment, but to speed up the process for a patient’s journey.
Please note; if seeing a GP, but a more suited health care professional could deal with your problem, it could mean that the GP could refer you to that health care professional anyway. This creates a longer journey for the patient.
Please do not be offended if the receptionist asks you for brief details about your problem.
By gathering some information from you means you will be receiving the best care for your problem.
You could be directed to:
✔An advanced nurse practitioner
✔An advanced paramedic
✔A physio first practitioner
✔A dietician
✔ A health and wellbeing coach
✔A mental health practitioner (under 25)
✔A pharmacist
Thank you for your cooperation in this.